Collector's Edition #1
Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten have updated that classic Kraftwerk sound without losing its essence. >>more

A sequencer tour de 70s. Cool rhythmic patterns. Forget Tangerine Dream, these are the real TD of the 90s :-) >>more

Source & Destination
Fans of both Kraftwerk and mid-70s Tangerine Dream will find significant homage paid in terms of sounds and styles, not to mention the fact that you can really dance to this stuff. >>more

Konception of Space
The opening track "Destination Unknown" is quite simply one of the best songs of the year (whether or not ranking is silly) with its alchemy of a flanging beat, pulsing sequencer lead, and just the right human touch in a well handled vocoder-voice. >>more

The sequencing remains hugely impressive and for me this one alone is convincing enough to make ‘Kontinuum’ an obligatory purchase. Don't miss it. >>more

'Script' leans more towards chill-out than dance, and on this form F&K should prove to be popular. >>more

A power-plant of EM....To sum up this will be liked by fans of Spyra and the good fax label stuff...
Ganz besonders muß aber auch immer wieder die enorme Fähigkeit von Fanger und Kersten herausgestellt werden, ihre Kompositionen zu keinem Zeitpunkt langweilig oder monoton werden zu lassen und sich mit fast spielerischer Leichtigkeit auf einer konstant anspruchsvollen Ebene zu bewegen...

The new Fanger & Kersten release contains all the EM elements to make it a classic of the genre... Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten have outdone themselves this time...
Dank ihres schier unerschöpflichen Kreativ-Potentials klingen Thomas Fanger und Michael Kersten deshalb immer noch frisch und unverbraucht wie eh und je.